Mainly, Bergarde organizes exhibitions with national and international artists inspired by essential values in our contemporary society. The artists work with various media as paintings, prints, photography, drawings and new media. We invite (young) artist to experiment, connect artists during groupshows and present mature artists in a solo-exhibition.

Closed: 13 and 14 September

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The Bergarde Collection includes masterpieces by mainly Dutch and American, and modern and contemporary artists. Over the last ten years, the works where collected by Henk and Anja van den Berg. Since 2011, an extensive selection can be viewed in the renovated ‘Stable’, located at estate Het Buitenland. There used to be horses, but now there are masterpieces.

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Bergarde Galleries is located at Estate Het Buitenland. Untill the flood of 1953 the polder was situated outside the dikes and was kind of abroad (translated ‘Het Buitenland’ means abroad). The polder was opened for public in 2014 and walking is possible on the paved and unpaved paths. You can visit the estate (daily) between sunrise and sunset.

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Bergarde summer’s recommendation

Bergarde summer’s recommendation

Bergarde tipt: Beeldentuin Achter de Westduinen. Een totaalbeleving van kunst, natuur en eten

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Kunst & Fietsen

Kunst & Fietsen

In september en oktober organiseert Bergarde Galleries in samenwerking met Co for Art een unieke fietstocht. Heb je altijd al meer willen weten over de onmogelijke trap bij Vrijenburg of de aluminium schapen in het Riederpark?

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Mindfull journey

Mindfull journey

The estate and the gallery will be the location of a unique journey.

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Bergarde often organizes activities. Check here for the full overview.

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