Marian Plug New Work

Bergarde Galleries is proud to present the second solo exhibition of Marian Plug. The exhibition ‘New Work’ includes paintings, which were never shown in public before, including her recent works.


About the exhibition

Marian Plug reflects in her work on the painted image, in which there is a continuous tension between abstraction and illusionary figuration. Despite the fact that Plug apparently seems to paint landscapes, it’s not her intention to imitate these scenes. She is greatly inspired by the medium in which she works. The natural motifs are just starting points for painterly issues. Upon closer inspection, the abstract language in the paintings unfolds in which each brushstroke is closely related to the other. It is the material of paint and canvas — the inimitable strokes, the colour, and the tension in the composition — which is causing that the image continues to intrigue.
In 2012 Bergarde galleries presented the paintings of Marian Plug for the first time in the retrospective exhibition Fifty years of oil on canvas. In contrast to this retrospect the current exhibition includes mainly recent paintings. Plug dares to further explore classical themes, as is seen in a work like Stream X (2014), as well as that she is constantly looking for new discoveries. Each painting includes its own pictorial study, but despite the diversity all show her distinctive signature style. It takes time and a keen eye for detail to unravel the thoughtful, artistic process prior to each work.

PublicatiONThe exhibition New Work will precede the release of the publication Keep this letter as your own drawings, which includes the correspondence between August Willemsen and Marian Plug.
Marian Plug lives and works in Amsterdam. Her consistent oeuvre is dedicated to the art of drawing and painting. Her work has been recognized with awards, including the Hans Jaffe Award and the Singer Award and is part of several collections, including those of the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) and Museum De Lakenhal (Leiden).