Over Andy Warhol

( 1928 - 1987 )
Geboorteplaats Pittsburgh (USA)

Andy Warhol studied pictorial design at Carnegie Institute of Technology in his hometown Pittsburg from 1945 to 1949. After his graduation, he moved to New York to pursue a career as a commercial artist. He became a wellknown illustrator and art director, therefore in his first exhibition (1952) only drawings were presented. During the sixties Warhol became more and more an visual artist, although his background in advertisement was without doubt of great importance during the creation of his iconic works such as ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’ in 1962. The technic of photographic silkscreen printing allowed Warhol to work in series, such as the famous ones of Marilyn Monroe. He was mostly inspired by populair American culture and therefore he is still considered to be one of the most important representatives of the Pop-art movement.

Self Portraits and Portraits of the Artists

Self Portraits and Portraits of the Artists 1967

Jacqueline Kennedy III (Jackie III)

Jacqueline Kennedy III (Jackie III) 1966

Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands

Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands 1985