Over Johan Leemkuil

( 1967 )
Geboorteplaats (Nederlands) Dordrecht

His heart work began in 2012 when he exhibited a green, plastic, legless heart sofa in the GEM. Because there were no legs under it, the couch was a lever and you had to find a balance together because otherwise you would fall off. The heart inspires Johan enormously, it gives us the most valuable thing we have: LIFE and LOVE … it connects. In his work he searches for this experience, the awareness of connectedness in both the present and the past. He is currently working on a special project “the heARTparade”. His share is supplying 50 Heartseats. The heARTparade is a unique exhibition in which big names from contemporary Dutch and Belgian painting come together in publicly attractive places and at the end of 2019 these unique Heartseats will be auctioned. All proceeds will go to the Energy4All Foundation, which is dedicated to the development of the medicine for children with energy metabolic disorders