Over Joran van Soest

( 1994 )
Geboorteplaats Amsterdam

The intersubjective space. What purpose holds this space between us? Where do we draw our border, cross it or enter into one another’s comfort zone. And would that be a comfortable, awkward or even challenging space to be in? Joran researches this ‘intersubjective space’ through the various media of drawing, painting, collage, photography, performance and film. In doing so he not only challenges the boundaries of the space he is researching, but also his own. The artist’s confinement is being stretched. The viewer is left with a confrontation between the space that is presented and how they relate to it.

Joran van Soest (1994) is a Dutch born artist who graduated as a visual artist in 2018 from the Art Academy AKV St. Joost in ’s Hertogenbosch. His relationship to his surroundings has been the focal point of research during his studies. From innocent origins to a complex adulthood; the submissive versus the dominant. From physical need to be together to a quiet desire for a thought, in doing so Joran moves between these extremes and redefines his own definition of intersubjective space. His works result in a journey, existing of various layers which include (un)intended confrontations with corporeality and powerful visual language that demands and keeps the attention of the viewer.