Over Joyce Overheul

( 1989 )
Geboorteplaats (Nederlands) 's-Hertogenbosch

Joyce Overheul (b.1989, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands) lives and works in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She obtained a BA degree in Fine Art at the HKU, Utrecht and later an MA degree in Fine Art at maHKU, Utrecht in 2012. Overheul
recently participated in many projects and exhibitions, among which ‘Playing Nature’ at the Moscow Biennale and ‘Three Artists Walk Into A Bar’ at De Appel, Amsterdam.

She is fascinated with human behaviour, especially when people are placed in a situation they’re not completely familiar with.
This can be a situation that is resulting from recent changes in contemporary culture, like the way people respond to the growing use and influence of social media in daily life, but also situations that were created by her.
She recreates and manipulate human behaviour, and confront people with their own actions through multiple media

In the process of developing new projects she considers every possible medium to see what fits best for the concept and content of the work-to-be. She believes that this approach will result in artworks that suit their environment best.