Over Marjan van Breugel

( 1961 )
Geboorteplaats Zwijndrecht

Marjan van Breugel, born in Zwijndrecht, graduated in 2013 at the New Academy in Utrecht. Marjan initially specialized as a visual artist in painting with acrylic paint. She has investigated various topics in this. Series Unheimisch, Wijk Noord and Perishability are examples of this. In the last two years, Marjan has created abrasive fantasy characters and fantasy worlds with different media. She makes 2D and 3D drawings, collages, viewing boxes with mixed media and stop-motion films, but in between Marjan also paints with acrylic paint. All her work contains several layers, a technically beautiful drawing often has a twist. It is never just a nice picture but it always raises questions. The work often has a penetrating character, a scouring base with an indefinable and a somewhat moody atmosphere.

Marjan collaborated for Playground with her brother Jan Willem Breugel.