Over Martijntje Cornelia

( 1990 )
Geboorteplaats Vlaardingen

Martijntje Cornelia (1990) studied Lifestyle& Design at the Willem de Kooning art Academy and started her own company in 2011 specialized in Candy Floss: She is an explorer of an unknown technique: working with candy floss and next to this she transforms pieces out of her explorations into an object that is functional such as her  transformable side tables filled with candy Floss.
Candy floss fascinates her because of the different kind of forms and shapes the material can bring, literally every minute can give another dimension to the substance. When you expose candy floss to the surroundings, like air and humidity, it will transform from its fluffy shape to a flexible and soft substance. After that, a piece of candy floss remains that can vary from fragile to robust. It totally depends on the environment you expose the candy floss to.
The fascination for these unexpected gradations in change, that can result in shapes that you can compare to coral, have convinced her that candy floss is an amazing product to work and create with.

She exhibited at diverse locations, for instance, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam during the exhibition Sticky Business, at the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Object Rotterdam and Lentekabinet Festival Amsterdam.