Over Paul Geelen

( 1983 )
Geboorteplaats Weert (NL)

Paul Geelen lives and works in Amsterdam. 

His work is recently showed at exhibition at the Cobra Museum (Amstelveen, 2014) and in the Akbank Art Center (Istanbul, 2015). Geelen won the C.o.C.A. Commission in 2015.

Mólubdos Manteía

Mólubdos Manteía 2013


Eyecatcher 2012-14


Untitled 2013-2015

Untitled (Fountain)

Untitled (Fountain) 2012

Untitled (Dowsing Rod Doodle)

Untitled (Dowsing Rod Doodle) 2013

Untitled (wet monochrome)

Untitled (wet monochrome) 2012

Untitled (Eraser)

Untitled (Eraser) 2010


Wishbones 2014

Untitled (Aerogel)

Untitled (Aerogel) 2012

Untitled (Groover)

Untitled (Groover) 1989 (2015)

Black between the sexes

Black between the sexes 2011