Bertozzi en Casoni Avanzi (vassoio bianco con piatte e tazze) (2007)

On view in the Bergarde Stable

At first sight, Avanzi (Italian for leftovers) is not that appealing. The tray with dirty cups and dishes seems to be the leftover of a messy gathering. However… do not be fooled by this first impression. The tray tells a story. When you consider the details carefully,Avanzi is not just the result of a cosy afternoon. Why are a few cups still filled? For what reason did someone bring earplugs? And who’s missing a tooth?!

Italian artists Bertozzi and Casoni create figurative composition in ceramics. Avanzi is a technical advanced work, because every detail (including the “plastic” forks and coffee with cream) are made from ceramics. The artists are inspired by art historical traditions, such as the vanitas still life, a symbol of the emptiness and temporality of existence. In addition, they critically consider modern day society. Mostly with a witty attitude.