Roy Lichtenstein Explosion (1967)

Not on view

Getekend door Lichtenstein en gedrukt bij Hollander Workshops, New York 1967. Onderdeel van Portfolio 9.

Explosion is one of the key print images from Lichtenstein’s ground-breaking ‘comic art’ period and also one of the rarest. Unlike the best known other original print images of this era – ‘Reverie’, ‘Sweet Dreams Baby’ and ‘Pow’ – which were issued in editions of 250 impressions, ‘Explosion’ was only in an edition of 120, including proofs. ‘Shipboard Girl’ and ‘Crying Girl’ were offset transfer lithographs rather than prints directly drawn by Lichtenstein, and the editions were very large. It is largely due to the fact that ‘Explosion’ is so seldom seen on the market because of the much smaller edition that it is not so famous.