Julia Jacquette Scotch, Lamp (2011)

On view in the Bergarde Stable

Julia Jacquette’s (New York, 1964) work is closely related to her fascination with media images. She works with the elusive attraction that commercials can have on people. Jacquette gets inspired from pop art en shows a vision on consumer society in her work. Irony and desire, envy and perfection, fiction and reality: these are some examples of paradoxes that continuously return in her work.

Jacquette creates a new reality in her paintings, which she usually paints in series. Her works are in all aspects an illusion that confirms as well as critics the mediated perfection.

Jacquette combines her artistic practice with being an assistant professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Het work is represented in museum collections, including the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the Museum of Contemporary Arts (Sydney). She won several awards and each year her work is shown in solo- and group exhibitions.


Simultaneously with the exhibition, the catalog Liquor, Perfume, Hair was presented with an essay by author and journalist Nina Siegal, an interview with the artist by Joan Wickerman and an overview of the works in the exhibition in full-colour. Go to webshop.