Madeleine Berkhemer Tuin der Lusten I (2010)

On display

Bergarde Galleries commissioned this work by Madeleine Berkhemer especially for this location. The installation is made from stockings, glass balls and plexiglass.

The title Tuin der Lusten (Garden of Delights) envokes imidiate associations with the famous painting by Jheronimus Bosch (c. 1450-1516). An image of paradise, where human lust controls the landscape. Madeleine Berkhemer responds to human’s deepest desires. A seksual message is always part of her work. She challenges the beholder, and she even makes them feel a little guilty. Sometimes with explicit images, sometimes more subtile. According to the artist erotica is indispensable in the world of art. Both are universal and timeless.

Tuin der Lusten I is a site-specific work. It was created by the artist for the Bergarde stable. In an exciting balancing act, the glass balls float above the visitors’ heads. The flesh-colored net is build with tights, that symbolise the female sensuality.