Guided tours at Bergarde

Discover the stories behind the Bergarde Collection. The stable doors hide a wonderful world. There used to be horses, but know there is art.

Bergarde Galliers offers the possibility to discover the permanent collection during a guided tour. One of our curators will tell you everything about a few of the collection’s highlights. Every tour is unique and is interesting for both the connaisseur and the art-newby.

ABOUT THE COLLECTION The Bergarde Collection includes masterpieces by mainly Dutch and American, and modern and contemporary artists. Over the last ten years, the works where collected by Henk and Anja van den Berg. Since 2011, an extensive selection can be viewed in the renovated ‘Stable’, located at estate Het Buitenland. There used to be horses, but now there are masterpieces.

DETAILS A regular tour (ca. 1 hour) costs € 55,-. Because of the limited space in the collection building we recommend a group’s maximum of 20-25 persons (contact us for the large-groups options). Bergarde highly values art education, therefore we offer free tours for schools.

MORE INFORMATION? Contact us of visit the gallery for more informatie. Or take a look at our visitorspage.