current & past

Playground (call for artists)

expected Playground (call for artists)

(Nederlands) MMMMM!!!

expected (Nederlands) MMMMM!!!

Terry Thompson

now (Nederlands) Terry Thompson Terry Thompson

A tour in oil

finished Marian Plug A tour in oil

Fresh Artweekend

finished Fresh Artweekend

Who we are

finished Rince de Jong Who we are

(Nederlands) Back from the States

finished Julia Jacquette (Nederlands) Back from the States

The Living Surface: Unfolded

finished Lizan Freijsen The Living Surface: Unfolded

I Saw You in Time

finished (Nederlands) Tessa van Helden I Saw You in Time



No Mall / No Wall

finished Groupshow No Mall / No Wall

Geluiden van de overkant

finished Arie de Groot Geluiden van de overkant

Orion, Down to Earth

finished Orion, Down to Earth


finished Duoshow Spheres

Joris van der Horst

finished Joris van der Horst Joris van der Horst

Sculpture and Retention

finished Oscar Abraham Pabón Sculpture and Retention

The Shape of Things to Come

finished Paul Geelen The Shape of Things to Come

People We’ve Met

finished Boudewijn Bollmann People We’ve Met

Colour Scales

finished Ad Timmermans Colour Scales

New Work

finished Marian Plug New Work

Mixed Squares

finished Alexx meidam Mixed Squares


finished Fleur Kooiman Oui

Pop art Prints

finished Groupshow Pop art Prints

Jan Worst. Schilderijen.

finished Jan Worst Jan Worst. Schilderijen.

Avoid the shadow

finished Fleur Kooiman Avoid the shadow

Evolution in Progress / Andy Diaz Hope & Laurel Roth

finished Duoshow Evolution in Progress / Andy Diaz Hope & Laurel Roth

Liquor, Perfume, Hair

finished Julia Jacquette Liquor, Perfume, Hair

Master in Graphic Arts

finished Ad Willemen Master in Graphic Arts

Vijftig jaar olieverf op doek

finished Marian Plug Vijftig jaar olieverf op doek

– Beyond the Paper

finished Ichiro Saito – Beyond the Paper