Amazone II / Hedy Hempe

The Amazons of Hedy Hempe (Geleen 1968) are first human, then female, then mother. Until the sixties of the last century it was customary in the Netherlands for women to automatically lose their jobs as soon as they got married. As a woman you were forced to do what only a woman can do: become a mother. According to artist Hedy Hempe (Geleen, 1968) it concerns women up to and including her mother’s generation. She wonders what this restriction has done to all these women. Women have lost their ambition over the centuries. The modern woman must dare and learn to take her own space. A1 is a symbol of enthusiasm, humor and ingenuity. Its base is a pyramid, as a reference to the stacked pyramid of straw bales under Hempe’s large outdoor sculpture: A1.

The bronze Amazons connect with the large sculpture A1 that Hedy Hempe developed for the land art exhibition Playground. A1 can be seen until November 16 at Landgoed Het Buitenland in Heerjansdam.


Artist: Hedy Hempe
Title: Amazone II
Date: 2019
Technique: bronze, lacquered MDF
Size: 15 x 10 cm (pyramid ground plane), 13.5 cm (height bronze), 19.5 cm (total height)
Edition: work with several editions
Price: € 595,- (incl. VAT)


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