Catalog | Mixed Squares | Alexx Meidam

Publication for the exhibition Mixed Squares in Bergarde Galleries (2016)

First and foremost, Alexx Meidam is a painter. During his training at the Willem De Kooning Academy (1982-1987), he was introduced to the radically simplified paintings by American artist Robert Ryman and the German artists Georg Baselitz and Markus Lüpertz among others.

Meidam constructs his works layer by layer with paint in primary colors and other materials (such as charcoal). From the nineties onwards the square became a central point in his work more often, because he considers it as “a shape that I never encounter in nature (except for a square fish in the Red Sea, that I saw while I was hiking through Egypt…). The square is a shape that actually has no content, and I’m looking for content. I believe that a square is more square when it’s painted on a rectangle than it is by itself” (quoted from A. Leeuw Marcar, R. Welagen and P. Molendijk, ‘Alexx Meidam. Mixed Squares’, Heerjansdam 2014).

More recently Meidam started to paint two canvases at the same time. Subsequently, he cuts the canvases in strips and weaves them back together in order to create a new work of art: and a total unexpected partern of squares is revealed. These layered works are called ‘Mixed Squares’ by Meidam.

Authors:  Piet Molendijk, Ank Leeuw Marcar, Robbert Welagen

Preface: Eefje Zalm

Desing, lithography, printing: Coolegem Media, Rotterdam

Photography: Jan van der Ploeg

Translation: Textcase, Utrecht

Publisher: Bergarde Galleries

Date: 2016

Artist: Alexx Meidam

Dutch and English
104 pages


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