evenement Guided tour Playground 27.07.2019

A flowering apple tree in June, a strange hay animal along the road or a white pyramid in the green. Watchful passers-by have already seen the artworks of the Landart exhibition Playground. This summer, art and nature come together at Het Buitenland estate in Heerjansdam. The art walk of approximately two kilometers can be walked daily between sunrise and sunset.

Those who don’t want to miss anything can join the walk-in tour on Saturday 27 July. Together with curator Teuntje van de Wouw (Bergarde Galleries), participants walk on the estate. She shows the hidden places and tells more about the artworks. Why is the apple tree in bloom? What does that pyramid do in the polder? The tour is fun for people of all ages, provided that they have good mobility.

The departure is at 9.30 am from Bergarde Galleries (Het Buitenland 1, Heerjansdam). In the morning the nature on the estate is at its best. The walk takes approximately one and a half hours. Participation is possible for 8,50 euros per person (children up to ten years walk for free). It is recommended to wear fine shoes and high socks. Due to the limited number of places, registration via info@bergarde.com is necessary. Playground can be seen until November 16.