Mika Rottenberg SEVEN (Jason) (2012)

Te zien in de Bergarde Stal

SEVEN (Jason) is een samenwerking tussen Mika Rottenberg en Jon Kessler.

Cinematografie: Mahyad Tousi
Technische adviseur: Steve Hamilton
Special effects: Alex Lemke
2D animatie: Erik Mitgartz
3D animatie: Mickey Roth
Geluid: Nati Taub
Re-recording mixer: Ronen Nagel
Camera assistent: Richard Uren, AfriScreen
Films Performers: Empress Asia, Marshall Factora, Esteban Jefferson, Jason Liles, Chris McGinn, Cecil Parker, Sunita Sharma, Juan Valanzuela, Alex Wynne


SEVEN was a performance during Performa 11.  Commision at Nicole Klagsbrun Project, New York, NY. Sculptor Kessler and video artist Rottenberg joined together to create a multi-faceted experience.  The piece follows the parallel narratives surrounding the production, collection, and distribution of “chakra juice,” or the sweat byproduct of a cast of performers engaging in a ritualistic physical activity. Moments after the lab-coated scientist drops the chakra juices into a rice-cooker-like device, they pop up in Africa (Botswana) in the video, seemingly by magic. Once all seven colors are assembled, two men act out a ritual, pouring the juice into a hole in the ground, resulting in a volcanic explosion of colored liquids, represented in an animation.